Frequently asked questions

How many marbles is the game made of and how many players are needed to play a game?

The game is designed for two players. Each player has 21 marbles: 20 smaller ones called Attack Marbles; a larger one called Biglia Queen.

How long does a game last?

The games are usually quite fast. In most cases they do not exceed 20/30 minutes. However, there have been hard-fought games that have exceeded 60 minutes.

What is the purpose of the game? When do you win a game?

The ultimate goal of the game is to conquer the opponent's Biglia Queen. The game is won when you make a special move called "Winning Real", that is, you can place a series of four consecutive marbles in one or more grooves adjacent to the opponent's Biglia Queen.

What are the main stages of each game?

We can divide each game into two phases. A first phase that involves the conquest of multiple opponent's Attack Balls, to weaken him and force him to play his Queen Ball. A second phase of decisive conquest of the Biglia Queen and therefore of the final victory.

What moves are allowed to win in a game?

There are several useful moves that are used during a game. The most common is Real, which is a combination of four marbles of the same color that allows you to catch an opponent's ball. At the same time two marbles of the same combination are taken back. The other moves are: Super Real: combination of five consecutive marbles and Double Real: realization of two Reals. The inclusion of your Biglia Queen within the combinations mentioned, produces greater power in the move which translates into a greater possibility of conquest.

Is there a minimum and maximum age limit for players?

After three years, this board game has no age limit.

Who are glass marbles made from?

The glass marbles are produced by a Mexican company that is a world leader in production: Glasfirma.

When can the product be delivered?

We estimate product delivery for September 2020.

Is delivery expected worldwide?

Yes! We plan to deliver the product everywhere.

What are the shipping costs for receiving the product?

We have tried to keep shipping costs as low as possible. The contribution requested in which we participate in part, you can find it indicated in the "SHIPPING" section and it clearly depends on the country of destination.

After the purchase, is it possible to return the product if you are not satisfied?

Yes! Within eight days of receipt. To obtain a refund, the game must be returned complete with all accessories and intact. The reimbursement requires the cost of the game to be double the cost of the transport incurred to receive it and therefore to return it. Higher amounts incurred for returning the board game will not be refunded. The return organization is the responsibility of the supporter.

What will be the price of the game once launched on the market? How much can you save by buying it now on Kickstarter?

We have estimated a minimum saving of 10%, in addition to all the gifts we are going to give. Those who book it from Kickstarter will be among the first to receive it!

Is there an App to be able to play online?

Yes! The project foresees construction in mid 2021.